Thank You for your Application, Will Keep on File

Human Resource Officers,

I’m not hating, nor bashing. I just want to write on behalf of the applicants out there waiting for your email.

You know what’s worse than being on Friendzone? It’s what I call the “Seenzone”.

There’s no easy way to secure a job, that I know.

As an applicant, I will experience sending my CV to employers, be it through email or personally. I know I have to undergo interviews and trainings, I will be rejected at times. I will go through these long employment procedure before I get to enter your organization. But I have one dilemma, I’m getting pissed off really.

I am always on the Seenzone.

Why would you post a job offer if you’re not going to respond? I’ve been sending my CV all over and I get no reply. Did you provide the right email address on the post, did i get it wrong or you’re not just interested in me?

How hard is it to acknowledge an email? To wait is normal, but to wait forever isn’t. How would I know if you got my mail if you would not respond? I am not asking for an urgent response but atleast give me the assurance that my CV is on file.

How hard is it to generate an automatic response to all your applicants email? We’re not living in the Stone Ages. You could ask your programmer to do that for you. You wouldn’t spend a thousand dollars, trust me. So don’t you tell me that you get a bunch of emails everyday. Don’t be too naive. Maximize technology.

Why would you ask me on the phone if i am available for an interview if you’re not going to respond afterwards? Sending a text message is not free, you know that. Why are you giving me false hopes? I am not playing with you. And I am getting tired of your antics.

How hard is it to tell me straight that I am not qualified for the job? At least if you tell me, I will stop waiting for your email. And focus on my next target. You cannot construct a simple rejection letter, I will provide you one. (please see below)

Do you think it’s fun to wait? If you do, then screw you. It’s as if you did not experience the same thing when you were still looking for a job. Be considerate enough. If you were on my situation, will you not be devastated waiting for nothing? If your boyfriend or girlfriend will keep you waiting for nothing a day or two, no calls, no texts, no emails, you will surely freak out. That’s the feeling we get whenever you put us on the seenzone.

This is not a hate entry. I just want to tell you what’s going through my mind. You were called Human Resource Officers, be humane enough. If you can’t give me that, suggest you to review your job description… More importantly, DO YOUR JOB RIGHT.

PLEASE STOP WASTING OUR TIME. You do not have the right.


Le Me


Thank You for Application, Will Keep on File

Company Name
City, State Zip


567 Parakeet Way
Houston, TX 77034

Dear Mr. XYZ:

Thank you for taking the time to come in and fill out an application for the position of night store manager. Although we were certainly impressed with your qualifications, and the hours you were available were consistent with our requirements, I’m sorry to tell you that we’ll have to put you on our waiting list.

While we currently do have a full roster of night managers, opening do occur from time to time. Please let us know if you change your address so that we may locate you if an opening does occur.


Vice President, Personnel

• This letter is a bit more encouraging than a “we’ll keep you on file” letter because it asks for a modification of an address change, which is outside normal “form-letterese”. It’s better to offer job seekers hope (if it exists). It doesn’t cost anything, and it leaves a very positive impression of your company.


P.S. Comments are allowed. your Violent Reactions are most welcomed.

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