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#Makeuptransformation has been entertaining people on social media for quite a while now. I have seen the best, the funny, the entertaining and the okay ones but to date, Paolo Ballesteros’ make up transformations posts have been one of the bests, if not the best. Articles about the 31 year old TV Host-Actor have been circulating not only in the Philippines but also in some other countries such as the USA and Canada.

I am not a big fan but to witness his stardom from a quiet, shy type host to an actor comedian and impersonator to a social media star, i think that’s quite huge and it does make me feel happy for his achievement. He’s been making news lately and so far, all were good.

I find it pretty amazing that he is being recognized worldwide. What’s is more amazing is that he does his own make up and it’s not all a product of photoshop. Not many people know that he is the grandson of the great painter Fernando Amorsolo. So now we know where the talent came from.

Going back to his achievements. I’m sure it is overwhelming on his part to receive such attention but as we all know, it will not always be good reviews and feedbacks, there will be haters and bashers. I pity those people who are criticizing his work, calling him f*ggot and stuff and accusing him of using photoshop, I pity them for not appreciating what talent is. I pity them for being such jealous dumb*sses who think they are way better. Skills are innate. Not everyone can do what he does. P.S. I’ve read somewhere that he is colorblind. Beat that.

I just read an article about his make up transformations in Yahoo Canada this afternoon and I am actually happy about the article posted recognizing his talent. What I did not like are the hateful comments and the never ending “Proud be to a Filipino” or “I am a Proud Filipino” phrase which is becoming so obnoxious. There’s nothing wrong to be proud, in fact i am encouraging people to be proud of their own skin, but to blurt it out without any just reason is a little off.

Unfortunately, that phrase created commotion on the comment section and it is sick that the supposedly happy on behalf of Paolo readers attacked one another. Y’all spoiled the fun. Why don’t you just enjoy the article itself?

Alam ko Pinoy si Paolo pero hindi iyon ang dahilan para ipagsigawan na Proud Filipinos tayo. Hindi naman siya sumikat kasi Pinoy siya, sumikat siya kasi may kakayahan siya, nagkataon lang na Pinoy siya.

(I know Paolo is a Filipino but it’s not a reason to stress out that we are Proud Filipinos. He did not gain stardom because he’s merely a Filipino, he gained stardom because he is talented, it just so happened that he is a Filipino.)

What’s annoying is the wrong notion about the Filipino and talent thing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are talented because you are a Filipino. That’s what other people perceive whenever they see that “I am a Proud Filipino” phrase. I know, as a Filipina, that Filipinos have exceptional talent, be it singing, acting, or it terms of arts, but we should not make it over the top. One more thing, what I have observed is that oftentimes, a person will be acknowledged not merely because of his achievements but because of his blood… Filipinos will only acknowledge other Filipinos when they learn that they have the blood of being a Filipino. (e.g. Charice, she has been left unacknowledged until she appeared on the Ellen and Oprah Show and became a worldwide star. She wasn’t on the spotlight and only a few recognized her talent. But when she came back in the Philippines, she has become an instant celebrity and the contagion effect struck again, Filipinos taking credit of the Pride thing.)

I am proud of Paolo, not as a Filipino, but as a person who appreciates art and talent. I have been watching him on their variety show for years and I have seen him grow. I know he deserves more than the attention he is deserving now and I am really hoping that he gets featured on Ellen. That would mean so much to him and his career.

He is a heck of a talented guy. ELLEN PLEASE FEATURE THIS BRILLIANT GUY. 🙂

This is the first and the last time I will make a blog about a celebrity. This is a link to his instagram profile. You can check his amazing makeuptransformations: http://instagram.com/pochoy_29

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