That Side of Me

We all have two sides, one side that everybody knows and the other side that either you alone or few people know.

As for me, there is only one person whom I show the craziest side of me. It’s my best friend.

We’ve known each other for less than four years now and believe it or not, it’s like we have known each other forever. We are the closest as if we grew together when we were kids.

Everything happened in the most usual way. Who would have thought that ex lovers will become the best of friends?

Yeah, we were ex lovers. But thank God we had this strong bond that even romantic separation could not break.

What’s funny is that when we talk, we can be anything and we can talk about everything. I am comfortable talking about serious and not so serious stuffs with him. I can tell him the craziest things that I have done and vice versa.

Isn’t it nice to have a best friend who both agree and disagree in your opinions. Sometimes we say the same phrases at the same time. And sometimes we disagree completely about each own’s religions and opinions. He likes debating with me. He likes arguing about something. But at the end of the day, we will manage to meet halfway. We respect each other’s point of views but we still stand on our own principles.

Politics. One topic that people of our ages wouldn’t want to talk about. They find it a big mess. But we like talking about it. We like talking about the government, the corrupt officials, the projects and everything. We like talking about the president but we always make it a point that we are fair in everything that we say. Politics is such a terrible subject for other people, but for us, it’s one of the best topics to discuss. Though we are not engaged in politics, and our fields are miles away from it, we still find it interesting.Why? Simply because we like talking about things that people won’t.

Faith and Religion. This is a sensitive topic, we all know that. Since the beginning, we had different belief about it. And last night, we talked about it for the nth time. Years had passed and we still don’t have the same belief. What’s amazing is that even if he believes in God and Divine Intervention and I don’t, we still give each other faith and hope. I learned to embrace his beliefs without losing mine.

Dreams and Aspirations. Yeah yeah. One cannot have everything. Of course people will never be contented with what they have. Though we are happy with our own skin, both of us still wish about the things we don’t have and we cannot do. For example, I am tone deaf and I really want to sing but I sing so bad. He, on the other hand, sings pretty well but he wishes that if he is reincarnated, he will be born a black singer and a basketball player.

We both dream of being CEOs of our own companies. We even made the floor plan of our future restaurant. LOL. Not only that, we made the list of our future endorsers. We like dreaming big.

Celebrities. It is very seldom that I talk about celebrities and it doesn’t look like we both give a shit about other people’s lives. But sometimes, when we feel like talking about fun matters, we will bring up the topic about our favorite Filipino Love team, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin, who we tenderly call Ate Jolens and Kuya Marvin. (He called them those names first and I just immitated him)

Of all the people I know, he is the last person I will expect to know these celebrities. For sure he is educated in politics and religion and mathematics and science, but showbusiness, that was unexpected. He even linked a clip of them saying the famous line, OH YES, KAIBIGAN MO LANG AKO. (with the song “nanghihinayang” on the background). We like that movie line very much. I will never get tired of re enacting it over and over again. LOL.

Music. He loves music so much that he has the gift of learning the song by just listening to it a few times and reading the lyrics. He is gifted when it comes to words. He taught me the first line of when you’re looking like that. “She’s a 5 foot ten in catsuit and bambi eyes” and i was like, what? I always skip that first line cause I don’t know the words hahahaha. and now whenever we sing that song, I always volunteer to sing first.

Bullying people. We bully people but of course it’s just between the two of us. Everybody is guilty of talking about other people and we are no exception. We even bully each other. Just to be fair. LOL.

And of course, we talk about our experiences in life. Personal experiences. We share the part of us that we haven’t shared to anybody else before. He is my confidant and he knows me very well. I share to him my deepest thoughts, my frustrations about the world, my fragile moments. And he, in return, embraces me inside his world. I am comfortable with him in every single way. I can even say the P and the D word, or sex, or fuck, or whatever cause I know he wouldn’t mind and I can trust him. And for sure, he can trust me with everything.

I don’t believe in God’s intervention, but if he is the mastermind of my life, then I thank him for sharing with me one of his angels, my best friend..

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